Email Blast April 26 2011

Rubber meets the Road…

Welcome to all the new people that have joined the Dream since the last email blast. There is alot of exciting updates so make sure to read all the way through.

I have been pretty quiet for the last 2 weeks but for good reason. After getting some awesome information in Toronto, it took a while to go through it all and make some decisions. Up until now, it has been a shoe string budget (my kids piggy bank, really). However, we are now moving into the realm of real money. This is where the rubber meets the road. It has been a great education in finance and public relations and the next step will likely be the same as paying for those 2 full degrees in one cheque. It is also going to mean postponing/changing other plans for my life over the next few months. A decision I could not make without my best friend (yes…my wife). You gotta let me try and score some brownie points here because I have not been home much since all this started.

What does all this mean? We are hiring, in my humble opinion, the A-team to get this done. It is an historic opportunity that lays before us and it is not just me that thinks we can pull this off now.

So the game plan is:

1) Finalize the legal framework with our awesome lawyers ((trying to score some pro bono work with that compliment…awesome and lawyer aren’t two words you see together that often) so I don’t get arrested when I ask you for actual money.
2) Choose a PR firm to help get this out there to anyone who hasn’t heard yet or still thinks this is a scam
3) Choose a lead bank to help us be able to accept actual money without getting arrested (see the theme here of trying to stay out of jail??) The securities commission sure is funny about these rules they have when you ask people for their hard earned money
4) Figure out exactly what you are going to get for your investment…which means to make sure we know exactly what we are getting into as MLSE is a private company.

What is the timeline now?

As soon as possible because we would like to roll this out before the Stanley Cup is raised.

I will be coming to Toronto shortly so keep an eye out for updates. Would love to get a chance to hang out with everyone that I did not meet on my last trip.

Here is what we need from you:

1) Keep getting the word out. We are now well over 8000 emails in the door and over $100 million in pledges. A long way to go but please keep the buzz going.

2) Pix for Tix. We will decide by the time the Stanley Cup is raised, who will win 2 tickets to the Leafs home opener for 2011. Get your photos in. Here is my new favourite so far:

You see the theme for the this email about not getting arrested…I swear I was not riding in the back to get this photo…it was submitted….honest.

So, what can YOU do to earn some FREE TIX for the opening home game next year? Help get the Dream out there by:

Going to and print off for your car/business/office. We are going to give away a pair of tickets to the opening game next year for the best photo of Own The Leafs Logo in your community. Be creative and make your own poster too…

Send it in to or post up on the Facebook page. As I write this email, we are now at 2656 likes. Post on the facebook wall when you think we will hit 5,000 likes and 1,000,000 likes and the person with the closest answer for time (EST) wins an Alberta Steak dinner for two courtesy of Own the Leafs. If your guess has passed, feel free to enter again.

Follow along on twitter @owntheleafs we have over 330 followers now.

Check back often to

Believe in the Dream!

Darren Thompson

PS “If you want to be happy, set a goal that comman your thoughts, liberates your energy, and inspires your hopes” — Andrew Carnegie

FREE Tickets!

So, what can YOU do to earn some FREE TICKETS for the opening home game next year? Help get the Dream out there by:

Just click over to the Downloads section and print off for your car/business/office or take to the game. We are going to give away a pair of tickets to the opening game next year for the best photo of Own The Leafs Logo in your community or at a game.

Send it in to

We will post the best on the website and award based on feedback from the Dreamers!

If you are going to the game April 9, please print off a big poster and take it with you. Don Cherry won’t be able to ignore it then!!!

Check back often to

Believe in the Dream!

Darren Thompson

April 3 Update 11pm: Get the pigs fitted for their wings!

Hey Everyone!

So here we are! 3 weeks since I decided to register and begin chasing the dream.

This is what we have accomplished to date:

1) Media: CRAZY!!! MacLean’s has it in their newsmakers section in the April 11 issue on page 10 so check it out. You know the rest… Toronto Star Front Page, CTV National News with Lloyd Robertson. Sun Media, Blogs

All toll, it has been 32 media interviews.

2) Website: version 2.0 is now up and running. Hope you like the welcome video and the cleaner design.

3) Email marketing: next blast will go out Monday night.

4) Legal: This is where it is getting interesting. A social media campaign is great to raise awareness and pledges. The real challenge comes when you start asking REAL people for their REAL $$. I have never taken anything more seriously than how we can structure this to make it a win-win-win. This being said, it is a much slower process but once we have the ability to accept real $$, I believe we will hit the goal quickly.
I believe we are very close to being taken seriously as a legitimate bidder for the 66% share.

5) Sleep: Haven’t had much of it since we started this ride. Thanks for all your emails and encouragement. Imagine enrolling in a boot camp that you didn’t know you were being enrolled in until the instructor was yelling at you to get out of bed at 5:15am and explain to people why you are there :) Except it wasn’t a boot camp instructor, it was Newstalk radio in Toronto wondering what the ()#$* am I thinking? Did I mention I have a family and actual work committments too??? :)

It has been an amazing ride so far and I look forward to this dream coming true.

The next step is going to be even more scary than talking on live television in Toronto (which has been described as the Vatican of Hockey). Imagine submitting an offer to the Pope telling him why you as one catholic should be able to buy Vatican City. So, here we are, sitting in the Pope’s office waiting to find out if he would entertain our offer!!!

After that, now we only have the small step of setting a fund that will allow us to accept your $$.

You are all going to learn along with me and any input you have is more than welcome!

Do dreams come true? Get the pigs fitted for their wings! Because here we come!

Believe in the Dream!


Update March 26 11pm

So Hockey Night in Canada came and went with no mention of Own The Leafs! Oh well, always next week. We will get mentioned on Coach’s Corner. Anyone with contacts, please email:

I did a google search on Own The Leafs and the articles floating around are awesome! Some + feedback and some – feedback but people are talking.

Our first email blast will be sunday night. Keep an eye out for it and pass it on to friends not yet connected to the Dream!

The email opt ins have slowed a little but the amount of Pledge/email is increasing.

A few of my favourite comments today:

I have been a fan all my life. It would be great to be able to have some ownership in a professional sports franchise. When I finished my basement I painted it in Maple Leaf Blue and White complet with Stanley cup banners hanging on the walls. Count me in.


I think this is one of the best ideas to hit Canada in ages. It gives you a dream that actually could come true. I would like 3 shares. One for myself and one for each of my childern. Good luck and I hope this becomes reality.

Currently live in Omaha, NE, but never miss a Leafs game.

This is an absolutely fabulous idea. No matter what happens this will be a success because it will prove to everyone around the world just how passionate Leafs fans really are, and that we are willing to do anything to finally bring the cup HOME! Let me know when you need my money, I’m in!

I would be in for sure! My boyfriend passed away last year and was a huge leaf fan…. I couldn’t pass this up!!!

I have an 15 year old bottle of CC waiting to open when the Leafs win the cup! Count me in.

I’m anything but a Leaf fan. In fact, I’m a Red Wings fan. However, owning an NHL team would be an amazing opportunity and a great investment. I’m willing to pledge One Million dollars for this cause. Best of luck to all of us!


Own The Leafs!

Update March 25 11pm

Here are a few more updates:

Our first email blast will be sunday night. Keep an eye out for it and pass it on to friends not yet connected to the Dream!

A few shout outs:

Thanks to Breakfast Television in Halifax
Thanks to Canada AM
Thanks to 1010AM in Toronto

So here is your update so far:

over 5000 email opt-in and in excess of $50million “committed”

Facebook is now over 1000 likes and we are now shooting for 5000
Twitter account now has over 100 followers @owntheleafs

A few of my favourite comments today:

I’m short on cash but long on the Leafs. I would like to buy 4 shares…..for my wife, my two boys and me. Darren, if you are successful don’t forget about the small investors like me!

As Leaf fans we often complain that ownership doesn’t do enough to bring the Cup back to Toronto. This is an opportunity to do something about it. Count me in.

I have been a leaf fan for 46 yrs and still remember my father enjoying the leafs last cup. I have done my part and passed the leaf dream to my son. For my son and I to own part of the leafs would beyond explaination. It would be just so cool….

Nice job! I am impressed! As a misplaced Torontonian in Vancouver, I am subject to Canucks floggings – I love the Leafs and would love to be involved! Well done!

Like 99.9% of other potential owners, this might be my only chance of owning an NHL team. Just dreaming of becoming a part owner almost brings tears in my eyes. Only ‘O Canada’ and hockey glories and shortfalls can make me cry… think I don’t have a heart for other things. I’ll join when shares are being sold.

I got married in 1967 and I promissed my wife that I would marry her again if Leafs won the CUP. Put me in for $4,000 , my 3 sons & me.


Own The Leafs!