Update March 25 1am

Today has been the busiest day by far:

A few shout outs:

Thanks to Chloe at the Toronto Star for Front Page!
Thanks to Dewayne at CTV Toronto for the interview.
Thanks to Janet Dirks for CTV National news and for putting on her leafs jersey for her story.
Thanks to Ryan at CBC Toronto for a great article.

So here is your update so far:

over 4000 email opt-in and in excess of $40million “committed”

Facebook is close to 800 Likes and we now have a twitter account @owntheleafs

A few of my favourite comments today:

I met my husband 26 years ago and at the beginning of every hockey season he has re-newed faith that his beloved ” LEAFS ” will make it to the Stanley Cup. No matter where he has served in the world or what time he has to get up if he can find a TV to watch ” HIS LEAFS ” then try to stop him !!! He has endured many jokes and lots of razing over the years but his loyalty never wavers. He has spent many hours coaching them, defending them, and cheering for them. Owning a peice of the team would be the perfect gift and make him truly feel a real member of the team.Sign me up!

“I am the grandson of the first goal tender for the leafs, thank you for the Dream”

from Tokyo; “thanks for the hope”

i’m a die-hard home-town canucks fan however i’m also a born and raised ontario boy who grew up on frozen pond cheering on the leafs

I have a husband, son, son-in-law, & grandson …… This would be the coolest thing I could ever do for them!

I would love to own shares in MLSE… This is the best idea i have ever seen..


Own The Leafs!

Update March 23 10pm

Hey Everyone! Thanks for your belief in the dream. The response has been overwhelming. We are now at over 2000 emails opted in and we have close to $35 million in committed dollars. We are calculating that based on the amount that people have put in the comments section that they would be willing to invest.

New Media: Great article in the Toronto Star and Puck Daddy on Yahoo Sports. Our story has made its way to the folks at Hockey Night in Canada!!!

Website: The email opt in is now automatic so that is saving a huge amount of time. There is a web designer now getting a “real” site built and will be up in the next few days.

Legal: We have spoken with a few different firms about helping formalize the structure of the investment fund. More on this as it develops and we choose a partner firm to help guide us through the process.

We are now into day 10 of the dream.

Thanks for all your offers of help and we are getting there.

A twitter account has now been set up: owntheleafs
Facebook.com/owntheleafs is close to 500 Likes


Own The Leafs!

Update March 21 6pm

Hey Everyone! Thanks for your belief in the dream. The response has been overwhelming. We are moving along towards making the dream come true

New Media: Great article in the Toronto Star and Puck Daddy on Yahoo Sports

Media so far:

Sun Media including Toronto Sun, Ottawa Sun, Calgary Sun
Radio: 640AM. 1010AM, 630 Ched, CBC Radio
TV: Global Toronto, Alberta Primetime

I know the website needs lots of work but our priority is getting the structure set up.

Remember we are only 8 days into the dream.

We are getting all the emails into a database so we can get a daily update for everyone.

A few FAQ’s:

1) It’s not a scam :) We are a group of people passionate about sport and see an opportunity to own a piece of history and our sporting future.

2) Anyone will be able to buy in (including americans :) )

3) Believe in the dream! It is real.


Own The Leafs!