1) Is this for real?

Own the Leafs was established by Darren Thompson on March 13, 2011 because he has a dream to own the leafs.  Do you believe?  We are now in the process of writing a prospectus for potential investors.

2) What do you do with my email?

It goes into our database and then we can do email blasts out to you.  You can opt out at any time.  We do not sell this list and protect your privacy.

3) Who can invest?

As far as we are concerned, anyone from around the world with a dream to own the leafs can invest.  As for the actual legal stuff, we will let you know.

4)  Is it RRSP eligible? Do I get a dividend?

We are not financial people but we are now talking to the right people to guide us through this.  This is our intention.  If the company makes money, you make money.

5) Who are you anyway?

Just a regular canadian with a dream!!  I own my own business.  I am from New Brunswick and I live in Alberta now.  I have a family and I want to see the leafs win the cup!  Email me at owntheleafs@hotmail.com if you have any questions.  I promise to answer to the best of my ability but there are lots of emails coming in.

6) How quickly can we get this done?

We will know better next week and will email you the details.  I am doing an update every day on this site as well.  Follow along on twitter and facebook.

7) Where do I send my money?

Just hold on to it for now.  If you want to say in the comments section of the email opt in how much you are willing to invest, that is awesome!! However, you will not really be responsible to cough it up when the time comes.  It is only for us to get an idea how far along we are.

Hope that helps!!!!

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