Update March 25 11pm

Here are a few more updates:

Our first email blast will be sunday night. Keep an eye out for it and pass it on to friends not yet connected to the Dream!

A few shout outs:

Thanks to Breakfast Television in Halifax
Thanks to Canada AM
Thanks to 1010AM in Toronto

So here is your update so far:

over 5000 email opt-in and in excess of $50million “committed”

Facebook is now over 1000 likes and we are now shooting for 5000
Twitter account now has over 100 followers @owntheleafs

A few of my favourite comments today:

I’m short on cash but long on the Leafs. I would like to buy 4 shares…..for my wife, my two boys and me. Darren, if you are successful don’t forget about the small investors like me!

As Leaf fans we often complain that ownership doesn’t do enough to bring the Cup back to Toronto. This is an opportunity to do something about it. Count me in.

I have been a leaf fan for 46 yrs and still remember my father enjoying the leafs last cup. I have done my part and passed the leaf dream to my son. For my son and I to own part of the leafs would beyond explaination. It would be just so cool….

Nice job! I am impressed! As a misplaced Torontonian in Vancouver, I am subject to Canucks floggings – I love the Leafs and would love to be involved! Well done!

Like 99.9% of other potential owners, this might be my only chance of owning an NHL team. Just dreaming of becoming a part owner almost brings tears in my eyes. Only ‘O Canada’ and hockey glories and shortfalls can make me cry… think I don’t have a heart for other things. I’ll join when shares are being sold.

I got married in 1967 and I promissed my wife that I would marry her again if Leafs won the CUP. Put me in for $4,000 , my 3 sons & me.


Own The Leafs!

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