Update March 26 11pm

So Hockey Night in Canada came and went with no mention of Own The Leafs! Oh well, always next week. We will get mentioned on Coach’s Corner. Anyone with contacts, please email: owntheleafs@hotmail.com

I did a google search on Own The Leafs and the articles floating around are awesome! Some + feedback and some – feedback but people are talking.

Our first email blast will be sunday night. Keep an eye out for it and pass it on to friends not yet connected to the Dream!

The email opt ins have slowed a little but the amount of Pledge/email is increasing.

A few of my favourite comments today:

I have been a fan all my life. It would be great to be able to have some ownership in a professional sports franchise. When I finished my basement I painted it in Maple Leaf Blue and White complet with Stanley cup banners hanging on the walls. Count me in.


I think this is one of the best ideas to hit Canada in ages. It gives you a dream that actually could come true. I would like 3 shares. One for myself and one for each of my childern. Good luck and I hope this becomes reality.

Currently live in Omaha, NE, but never miss a Leafs game.

This is an absolutely fabulous idea. No matter what happens this will be a success because it will prove to everyone around the world just how passionate Leafs fans really are, and that we are willing to do anything to finally bring the cup HOME! Let me know when you need my money, I’m in!

I would be in for sure! My boyfriend passed away last year and was a huge leaf fan…. I couldn’t pass this up!!!

I have an 15 year old bottle of CC waiting to open when the Leafs win the cup! Count me in.

I’m anything but a Leaf fan. In fact, I’m a Red Wings fan. However, owning an NHL team would be an amazing opportunity and a great investment. I’m willing to pledge One Million dollars for this cause. Best of luck to all of us!


Own The Leafs!

5 thoughts on “Update March 26 11pm

  1. Way to go! maybe this idea is a way to get sports back into the hands of the MOST important people to any team, THE FANS.


  2. Hi Darren
    I just heard you hit another milestone in pledges
    I would be in for the $1,000 minimum and I would consider up to $10,000

    Thanks and good luck

    Toronto, ON

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