Update March 21 6pm

Hey Everyone! Thanks for your belief in the dream. The response has been overwhelming. We are moving along towards making the dream come true

New Media: Great article in the Toronto Star and Puck Daddy on Yahoo Sports

Media so far:

Sun Media including Toronto Sun, Ottawa Sun, Calgary Sun
Radio: 640AM. 1010AM, 630 Ched, CBC Radio
TV: Global Toronto, Alberta Primetime

I know the website needs lots of work but our priority is getting the structure set up.

Remember we are only 8 days into the dream.

We are getting all the emails into a database so we can get a daily update for everyone.

A few FAQ’s:

1) It’s not a scam :) We are a group of people passionate about sport and see an opportunity to own a piece of history and our sporting future.

2) Anyone will be able to buy in (including americans :) )

3) Believe in the dream! It is real.


Own The Leafs!

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