Update March 23 10pm

Hey Everyone! Thanks for your belief in the dream. The response has been overwhelming. We are now at over 2000 emails opted in and we have close to $35 million in committed dollars. We are calculating that based on the amount that people have put in the comments section that they would be willing to invest.

New Media: Great article in the Toronto Star and Puck Daddy on Yahoo Sports. Our story has made its way to the folks at Hockey Night in Canada!!!

Website: The email opt in is now automatic so that is saving a huge amount of time. There is a web designer now getting a “real” site built and will be up in the next few days.

Legal: We have spoken with a few different firms about helping formalize the structure of the investment fund. More on this as it develops and we choose a partner firm to help guide us through the process.

We are now into day 10 of the dream.

Thanks for all your offers of help and we are getting there.

A twitter account has now been set up: owntheleafs
Facebook.com/owntheleafs is close to 500 Likes


Own The Leafs!

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